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Waiting List

After many frustrating years of trying to fill your requests, we sadly announce that we will no longer keep a waiting list for plants. The problems were many, computer crashes, keeping the lists organized, tracking purchases, but the hardest part was the nagging feeling that I was letting you down when I could not produce the promised plants in a reasonable amount of time, sometimes for as long as many years, sometimes not at all!

So, I took as many valid email requests as I could find and matched them with the stock that is now available (December 2014) and sent out notifications for the last time. These were all Japanese White and Japanese Black Pine cultivars. We had a great crop of JBP, so if you requested one, but didn't get a notice, just check the Availability List and see if it is there and place your order. We only have a few extra JWP, 'Aoi', 'Zuisho', and 'Arakawa'. You may order these now even if you haven't requested one using the Waiting List.

I am trying to decide now how much grafting to do. Since it takes two years to develop a crop, I can't produce many more crops at my age. I am grafting this year, and have bought understock for next year, but that may very well be the last of these valuable plants that we will produce. We will continue to develop the older plants that we have held back. These will be found in the Specimen Catalog as they are added.

For plants that are currently sold out, but have not been discontinued, I will post a date that I expect them to be available again. The best time to check for these is in January after the new online catalog comes out. Once a species has a size, price and availability date listed, it can be immediately ordered. This will reserve the plant for you, and you can specify a ship date anytime after the availabilty date. Unless otherwise stated, your credit card will not be charged until shortly before shipping.

I will continue to list the cultivars in the catalog for descriptive purposes, but once they are sold out they will no longer be available.
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