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Bonsai Sites

Why reinvent the Wheel? After cruising hundreds of bonsai sites to consider listing them here, I have decided to lead you to one of the best sites to go to other sites. This a wonderful link to links, click the link below to go directly to the site. Enjoy!


There are probably a half dozen English language forums not listed here. I have only included the ones that have a decent amount of traffic to warrant investigating daily.

A forum populated by mostly young beginners is BonsaiSite. This group is often sorely in need of expert advice, but there is a commraderie of the young clearly present here. It attracts very many new bonsai owners. It also has the ability to accept photos and text. This forum is tightly moderated, no flames allowed. This limits the discussions to some degree.

The most active English language forum is BonsaiNut. Discussions here are usually on a more advanced level. There is much less chit chat and frivolous posting. It is currently my favorite site. Discussions here can really get heated; the owner is the only moderator and he doesn't seem to be afraid of a little heat.

The Internet Bonsai Club is the oldest popular forum on the internet. I have been checking this forum since about 1996 and it is a couple years older than that. For a long time, the IBC was THE bonsai forum. This was back in the wild and woolly days of early internet message boards. It has lost some its popularity since then, but it is still visited by a number of very knowledgeable practicioners.

The Art of Bonsai and the Knowledge of Bonsai are bonsai websites that have forums, but the forums are not very active. However, the websites themselves are excellent sources of informative articles and images.

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