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Evergreen Gardenworks
Order Form

Please complete the form below to place your order. To send your order just click the SUBMIT button. To forget the whole thing just click the RESET button. If you use an autofill app to fill out the form, please proof read it before submitting it. They make lots of mistakes that could delay your order.
Remember to print a hard copy for your records
Your Name

Your COMPLETE BILLING address (where your credit card statement goes)

Person to Ship to

Shipping Address for Priority Mail (Must be a USPS MAIL address). This is the only way we can ship. Shipments arrive in 2-3 working days. PO boxes ok.



Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your E Mail Address (Please type your complete address very carefully, we cannot confirm your order without it. Please use only one email address. This is an internet document, not email, if you don't type your address, I won't be able to reply). Example of a complete email address:

Payment will be by:
CHECK (Mail your check or money order to: Evergreen Gardenworks, PO Box 537, Kelseyville CA 95451)
If payment is by Visa/MC, please fill in the information below.

Your 16 digit Visa/MC Number followed by your 3 digit security code on the back of the card. (please use spaces). Your format should look like this:

xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx    xxx

Stop! Did you remember your 3 digit security code?


We will total and confirm your order by email. Orders are shipped on Monday only to avoid weekend delays (Tuesdays when Monday is a holiday). Credit card orders received as late as early Saturday morning can be shipped on Monday. For check orders, we must receive your check, then we will email a shipping date confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation message in 48 hours, contact Brent at

Requested Ship Date (Must be a Monday), or type ASAP. Use separate order forms for plants you want ASAP and for those that are available later.

Please type your order in the box below. Don't worry about spaces and stuff like that, this is a text box and we will be able to read whatever you type in it. Put the totals in if you want, but this is optional. Your email confirmation message will have all the totals with shipping calculated for you.

Catalog# _________________Botanical Name______How Many____Price Each__Total

Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are based on the number and size of plants in your order. You can use the chart below or simply allow us to calculate the charge for you. The total shipping charge will appear in your email order confirmation message.
There is a minimum $14 shipping charge to all destinations Here are the shipping charges for each plant:

Destination 2 3/4 Inch Pots Four Inch Pots One Gallon Size
$1.50 each $3.00 each $8.00 each
All other states
$2.50 each $5.00 each $12.00 each


Sales tax for CA residents is 7.25%

We will calculate your shipping charges and CA sales tax (if any) and send you your total in an e mail confirmation in one to two days. If you get sticker shock after you receive the confirmation just email us immediately and cancel the order, no problem.

Internet Fear: If you just can't bring yourself to put your credit card number on the internet, you can also print out the order form, complete it, and send it to:

Evergreen Gardenworks
PO Box 537
Kelseyville CA 95451

When ordering by mail, you can pay by credit card, personal check, or money order. Just complete the form and submit it. When you get your confirmation send a check or credit card number for the amount of the order to the address in the confirmation.

Click this box to delete the form and start over.

Click this box to send your order.

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